Acrylic and Gel Nails

There is a common mistake of comparing acrylic and gel nails with artificial (plastic) nails which stick to the nail. Artificial nails tend to be uncomfortable and give a feeling of pressure on nails. However, this isn’t the case with acrylic and gel nails. I love them, because they are strong support on my nails. They don’t break easy and always look neat. Even if you have designed nails, you can apply regular nail polish on them. After you remove the nail polish, you still have the same perfect designed nails. On the other hand, nail polish stays longer on acrylic and gel nails.

People who cannot have long nails, people with brittle nails, are able to use them without any fear. Also they are suitable forones who don’t have time to care her nails but want them to look neat all the time.

There are also some important things to consider; first of all, the hygiene of the nail salon and the tools play a huge role. Secondly, the skill of the nail technician is important too. They should have the required education for this application and should not damage the nails. If it is done properly, you won’t have a big problem after you get them removed. In 1-2 weeks, they will turn back to normal. To be honest, the difficult part is to get used to the natural nails.

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